We play saxophones

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Czech Sax Quartet

Our quartet consists of players, who can play all four types of saxophone. Their motivation is not only interest in the saxophone, but also a desire to play chamber music in both classical and jazz styles. The ensemble was founded by Roman Fojtíček in 2003.


Sax&Piano Duo

The meeting of the saxophone and the piano in one chamber ensemble may be regarded as a fusion of the past and the present. Although the saxophone was actually invented in the 1840s, it began to fulfil its vocation almost one century later. Thus it became a symbol of the accelerated pace of life characteristic of our age. The piano, on the other hand, evokes a settled, domestic, civilised atmosphere infused with the aroma of coffee and resonating with lofty music. The combination of these two apparently contradictory elements transports us into a very special world of music in which we may be either ironically teased or soothingly caressed.


Roman Fojtíček – Zuzana Němečková – Markéta Halířová Bechyňová